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  1. hendy

    Knight of the Laughing Tree

    Ive been wondering, if it does say anywhere who the knight of the laughing tree actually is, or who people think it is and why?
  2. hendy

    Magic without a wand

    The prisoner of azkaban is on tv right now and I was watching it, and im sure that when harry gets attacked by the dementors playing quidditch and he falls to the ground, dumbledore levitates him to the ground without using a wand? If anyone has the movie have a look and tell me whats going on?
  3. hendy

    The picture of where you're from thread

    I was looking through some pics I took last year and thought this would be a good one to share and to start the thread so we can all get an appreciation of where everyone is from. This picture is take on Waiheke Island, New Zealand, about 30 seconds down the road from my parents house, where...
  4. hendy

    Hedge Knight

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to know everyones opinion on The hedge knight and The Sworn Sword. I am a very big ASOIAF fan, but have never managed to read either of these two books. How good are they, are they worth me getting them shipped over from the states? I know very little about when...
  5. hendy

    Your worst book ever read.

    Whats the worst book that you have read..??? mine would have to be the silmarillion, ive never not finished a book cos once I start somthing I want to keep going, but with this I just struggled through half of it and then gave up cos it bored the sh*t out of me...
  6. hendy

    Fantasy series that got you addicted?

    Hello Everyone :) For me the first ever fantasy series I ever read was Lord of the rings, but I wasnt really into fantasy untill I began reading Raymond E. Feist, and he got me totally into the fantasy genre, I dont think I could give up fantasy genre if I tried anymore (not sure why you would...
  7. hendy

    Temeraire/ His Majesty's Dragon

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has read this series by Naomi Novik, and their thoughts on it? I read the series a little while ago and enjoyed them alot. It was a very original idea and worked well..
  8. hendy


    Hello, I know there are a few other similar threads to this but I wanted suggestions for reading books that focus more on magic. Ive just finished readings Trudi Canavan - the black magician series for the second time, ive also read all of Feist and the belagriad and ASOIF(which had very...