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  1. Xaltar

    The order in Chaos

    Life A mere flicker in the passage of time So insignificant it all seems In a blink we are born and die But ripples are made by even the smallest stone. Fleeting are our minds So small and chaotic How could those so tiny shape the destiny of us all One comment, one smile And time is...
  2. Xaltar

    The Embrace

    Like a shadow she was Sweeping across the room A forbidden beauty A glint of evil in her eyes I lay in anticipation Trembling in exitement My heart stuttered as her clothes drifted to the floor Tenderly she touched my lips sending a shiver down my spine Gratefully I pressed my lips to...
  3. Xaltar

    My dispair

    As I stumble through my lowly life I take consolation in the holy night. Fall away from summer skies Broken hearts, November lies Freefall from your sorrows peak Into time and reality bleak Fade away, don't try to hide Within mine heart doth ye not abide Listles in my sorrows gale From...
  4. Xaltar

    The Mark (chapter 1 and a bit)

    I might finnish it someday :D Its just a rough draft so.... ( The main Character is where I took my handle from ;) ) THE MARK. Prologue. It was a cold rainy night as the two coweled figures approached the palisade their hooded robes flaping in the gusting wind. Xaltar and his...
  5. Xaltar


    A broken heart A listless dream A shadow across my soul. Touch my hand Feel ist warmth A fire in my mind A broken vision a lost reprieve Darkness doth abound I scream, All forlorn i cry But the pain relenteth not Mine crippled form Mine ruptured heart My tattered soul drifts upon...
  6. Xaltar

    Xaltars Pics

    Custom Art and Edited Pics Here is Alexus as a drow along with the pics I used to make it :D Original Alexus Drow Alexus
  7. Xaltar

    Battle of Emotion

    In the confines of mine heart I abide For a man ruled by emotions am I Of love, anger and hate am I well equanted Dark legions do stampeed through mine heart Legions of emotion and torment Blackened is my soul from countless battles Won and lost in an instant Whilst echos of their...
  8. Xaltar


    I awake, cold and alone Fear grips my heart. None may know the torment here Each day passes as a year. Deep within the fibre of my being A monster awakes, or was it always thus A realisation dawns What is this place? What are these lies? Is any of this for real? My mind is fraught...
  9. Xaltar

    Just introducing myself :D

    Hi, I am Xaltar. My girlfriend told me about your site so I'm here to give it a look. So far it looks great