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  1. dgstorm

    IBM SuperComputer to Run VR Version of 'Sword Art Online' MMO

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this topic, but I thought I would share it here. Here's some cool news if you are a fan of Japanese anime, or Fantasy MMORPG's or both! IBM's supercomputer will power an online, anime VR game
  2. dgstorm

    Elder Scrolls Online

    My GF and I have been obsessively playing Elder Scrolls Online for about a month now. We are having a blast and really enjoy it so far. Do any of our TFF members play?
  3. dgstorm

    Forum Restructuring and Reorganization for a While

    Greetings TFF fans! I wanted to give you a heads up that over the next several weeks/months we will slowly be archiving some older and unused sections of the site. We will basically be restructuring and reorganizing to clean things up a bit. We don't anticipate any disruptions to the current...
  4. dgstorm

    Forum Software Changeover Details

    For our members who have been using The Fantasy Forum for a while, you might have noticed it was using the software vBulletin for its structure. This software has been a very popular and often used forum software across the web for many years. It has been especially useful for sites dedicated to...
  5. dgstorm

    New Software and New Look

    Hey guys! You probably noticed the new look and new software. It's a bit different than before, but it will add some slick functionality, and more importantly will improve the security of the site. It brings with it a slightly new look, but we didn't change things up too much as we wanted to...
  6. dgstorm

    Time to Change Some Passwords Again: eBay Hacked

    The bad guys are really becoming a "pita"! Another high profile company was just hacked, so it's time to change your passwords again. This time eBay was the victim of the "Black Hats." They just issued a press statement detailing their security breach. The gist of it was this, No kidding?!? Why...
  7. dgstorm

    Interstellar (Christopher Nolan - 2014)

    Hey guys! I thought you would like to see the new Interstellar trailer from director Chris Nolan. It gave me chills!
  8. dgstorm

    Quick and Easy Cool New Feature - Active Topics!

    Greetings Folks! I just wanted to take a quick moment to let you know that FFarl and I added a quick and easy little feature to the site. It's called "Active Topics," and you can find its direct link button in the upper left menu above. I want to reiterate that we will only introduce new...
  9. dgstorm

    Greetings & Salutations from new member and admin, dgstorm!

    Hail friends! :dragon: I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am dgstorm, and I am honored to join this amazing community! I adventure alongside Ffarl as we both work for the site's new owners. I was thrilled to find out we acquired a site dedicated to Fantasy themes and...