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    Who would you have cast?

    Just wondering... who would you all have cast to play Glorfindel if he had been in the movie? Would need someone big (he was a Noldorian Elf right? About 7' ish.) who also looked sort of royal and had an aire of both authority, power but also experiance about him. Just curious.
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    Boromir had a helm?

    Just realized upon my re-reading of TTT that among the items that Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli put in the boat with Boromis was his helm. I find that sort of wierd as it had not been mentioned at all up until this point. So...did Aragorn ALSO have a helm on the journey?
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    What if Elrond had his way?

    In the book, Elrond is- to say the least- hesitant in letting Pippen travel with the fellowship- citing that they were too young and niave to make the journey to Mordor. Although it is not said aloud by Elrond, one of the others (Gandalf, Aragorn- i forget which) mentioned Gorfindel as a...
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    I come in peace!

    Hey all- just a quick "Hello" to all of you. Been browsing the forums for about a week and then registered. :) I love Lord of the Rings- both the books (which I haven't read in a while) and the movies as well (even though they aren't exact copies of the books) Hopefully, I can start...