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  1. dgstorm

    Elder Scrolls Online

    bummer. :( Ah well... GL & HF!
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    Elder Scrolls Online

    Yes. PC.
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    Elder Scrolls Online

    My GF and I play at least twice a week. We were more active at first. Look for me online and I can introduce you to some guilds to join. My ESO username is @nxparadox. Just send me an in-game email and clarify that you found me from this forum. We would be happy to have more adventurers join us.
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    IBM SuperComputer to Run VR Version of 'Sword Art Online' MMO

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this topic, but I thought I would share it here. Here's some cool news if you are a fan of Japanese anime, or Fantasy MMORPG's or both! IBM's supercomputer will power an online, anime VR game
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    Hello from South Surrey BC

  6. dgstorm

    Fantasy writer and Game of Thrones fan

    Sounds intriguing! Welcome!
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    Elder Scrolls Online

    sounds pretty cool. We'll have to give it a try in the future. :)
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    Elder Scrolls Online

    That's awesome! My D&D group recently broke apart because one member moved away and the other became too busy with work. We consistently played the same campaign that I created every weekend for almost two years. Of course, sometimes we played on a Tuesday or Wednesday to make up if someone had...
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    Elder Scrolls Online

    TFF has a D&D group? That's cool! Do you guys play in person, Skype or some other method?
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    Elder Scrolls Online

    That's cool! How are you liking it?
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    Elder Scrolls Online

    My GF and I have been obsessively playing Elder Scrolls Online for about a month now. We are having a blast and really enjoy it so far. Do any of our TFF members play?
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    RIP Christopher Lee aka Saruman

    Truly sad! :(
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    I had a baby

    Wow! She's such a cutey! Congratz!
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    New Blood

    Welcome Nicol Bolas!
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    Mad Max : Fury Road (2015)

    This movie is getting rave reviews. It currently has a 98% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Impressive! I plan on seeing it this weekend.
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    I think it's a great series! I binge watched the whole season over a weekend!
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Back After A Year or So...glad I did =)

    So glad to have you back! Welcome to the new Fantasy Forum, where everything is new and old at the same time! ;)
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    What Would Be Your Weapon And Armour Of Choice?

    My armor would be my keen intellect coupled with wisdom, and my weapon would be my will and passion to live!!! Aesthetically speaking, I suppose I would want some mystically enhanced, graphene-fiber, micro-mesh armor with built-in self-repairing nano-bots and a laser-etched...
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    No, I'm not here just to pimp my book

    I am a fantasy and sci-fi addict, so I love all forms of either! Also, I prefer just about any medium you can think of, from books and to movies, to TV shows, anime and video games. I am open to enjoying anything that creates new worlds!!! Welcome!