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  1. warrior_squirrel21

    BANDWAGON: Get to Know Ray Thread

    Ha interesting. I know exactly what you're saying about NC these days too... I go over to Asheville a lot these days and half the time I truly wonder if I'm still in the south. Also, as far as 40k goes, people have satired the hell out of it because of the Trump God Emperor thing, which is...
  2. warrior_squirrel21

    Ask the next person a question...

    Lmao. Yeah, more times than I could count, but you knew that. I need to show you the 74 if I haven't. What is your favorite historical site you have visited?
  3. warrior_squirrel21

    Attn: Kel

    @Kakashi You heard dees here bois?
  4. warrior_squirrel21

    the thread where everytime you visit, you have to make a post!!!!!!!!

    Roatan Island is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my life. Granted, it was poor as shit, and the guy running for governors big selling point was fixing the roads. I mean it was the "build that wall" of Roatan. Literally saw a semi truck bump over a hill and cream a sedan within...
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    BANDWAGON: Get to Know Ray Thread

    North Carolina, or North California? huha
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    BANDWAGON: Get to Know Ray Thread

    WARHAMMER FORTY THOUUUUUSAAAAAAND But srsly, I'm a SW fanboy for life. Even if my favorite arcs (old republic/pre movies) are suddenly "non cannon".
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    I don't know where I get the quads

    to just stumble in and out of here like a drunk vagrant, but by God I'm going to.
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    What are you guys up to nowadays?

    I’ve been the only white American watching the World Cup England tho.
  9. warrior_squirrel21

    I live

    Oh I shall come back to the rp I really didn’t mean to abandon it. Ugh ol ray.
  10. warrior_squirrel21

    I live

    i promise. Sorry I’ve been away, I’ve been taking a sabbatical of sorts from anything social lately, and it was nice, but the world has drug me back in. Also what the hell, did ray get himself killed again.
  11. warrior_squirrel21

    Seriously though,

    if Ronaldo hadn’t gotten fouled 2 mins in and scored that free kick, Portugal would’ve straight up lost.
  12. warrior_squirrel21

    The Royal Hunt: IC

    "Ah, Zenithar guides us well this day. A wonderful selection." The blades before Aethor were crudely beautiful to his eyes. Though the Nordic swords seemed basic, the weapons resonated function while retaining fashion. They were robust, with hidden intricacies that revealed a commanding balance...
  13. warrior_squirrel21

    Are you a psychopath? Take the Levenson test

    Lol bro, I got 1.7 and 2.6 Good levels if you ask me.
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    Spam's Pulse 2.0

    I been so busy with life and rp that i've neglected spam bleh
  15. warrior_squirrel21

    Cosmology: Dawn RP

    It wasn't that he physically saw it, nor did even smell it. Loosats connection to water, his very blood and life force, alerted him to some sort of phantom pain. Something was...killing the water. Loosat raced towards the shore, where the sensation had come from. It had been some time since he...
  16. warrior_squirrel21

    The Royal Hunt: OOC

    Just wanted to say whoever posts next feel free to push us out the door, that or I can go back out and edit us that way. I know my guy said it was night in my first post but I’m not sure if we voted that canon or not lol
  17. warrior_squirrel21

    Cosmology: Dawn OOC

    Ok lol cool. Sorry man, I suppose it didn’t make as much since ending that post that way. Also, mnb thank you for helping makes streams and lakes, you saved me some time :yellow:
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    Cosmology: Dawn OOC

    Not trying to cause conflict so early, y’all, just kinda wondering.
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    Cosmology: Dawn OOC

    Hmmmm.......well before work I had a couple paragraphs involving steam quite heavily.... So, wait, why can't steam exist yet? I was going with it because it's a naturally occurring thing when lava hits ocean water. I was thinking most of these early posts were essentially running at a "sort of"...