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  1. bloodfiredeath

    Brand new me

    Everywhere you turn these days....nothing but Communists! Might have to move to best Korea to get away from them....
  2. bloodfiredeath

    ^_^Post about the member above^_^

    Is German. A wolf. And smoking hot.
  3. bloodfiredeath

    Got a dog

    If he is part Aussie, it might rub off on you....:p
  4. bloodfiredeath

    Wow been a while

    Man, I have not had one of them for a loooooong time...
  5. bloodfiredeath

    The Person Below You

    Yes several to be honest. Has been in trouble with the law.
  6. bloodfiredeath

    Isolation thread: we were BORN for this...

    So how is Covid treating everyone approx. one year on??
  7. bloodfiredeath

    Keeping in Touch

    So did you guys ever hook up??
  8. bloodfiredeath

    What are you drinking??

    Just had a coffee, looking to finish work in an hour or two. Then it is red wine/bbq time.
  9. bloodfiredeath

    What are you doing?

    I am at work, waiting for shit to happen.
  10. bloodfiredeath

    Do you like 80's music?

    So much great stuff from that decade, when you actually had to have musical ability and stand out from the crowd. 80's glam/hair/prog metal for me (Dokken, Ratt, Queensryche, etc) Plus Maiden, Priest and Sabbath. Early black metal (Bathory, Venom, Mercyful Fate, Sodom etc) Early Death Metal...
  11. bloodfiredeath

    What are you listening to?

    Been on a kick of listening to albums from a particular year going back a while. Currently on 2013. Cultes des Ghoules - Henbane is smashing that year.
  12. bloodfiredeath

    Old Folks Home

    Yeah get to it you old bastard....
  13. bloodfiredeath

    *Kicks down the door*

    So much hate for doors..... (I presume it was the back door that hachet13 came in....)
  14. bloodfiredeath

    Sittin' on cannonball

    Hi, thanks for dropping in. Things have been slow around here (member included). Hope you find something of interest though. Probably not as sore as you, after a night with Anakin...
  15. bloodfiredeath

    Strong empotions essential to creative writing?

    Yes and no in my opinion. Sometimes emotional/physical anguish brings out great creativity. But not always. Some people are born to dream and can come up with creative ideas in any possible conceivable situation. Some need a push, either from life's tribulations or whatever.
  16. bloodfiredeath

    Fantasy audio short stories / spoken word (in CZECH)

    What about non Czech people? I.E the rest of us that are too lazy to learn other languages?
  17. bloodfiredeath

    Australia - no we don't ride Kangaroos

    Don't think it ever has to be honest. If people want a real representation of Australia, they should watch Mad Max 2.
  18. bloodfiredeath

    What do you think the best fantasy title of all time is?

    Great title and premise. But I feel let down by the author over the years. I never imagine it will be finished (except maybe on TV).
  19. bloodfiredeath

    the thread where everytime you visit, you have to make a post!!!!!!!!

    Just dropping by to say hello peeps!