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  1. hatchet13

    What Are You Thinking?

    I Dunno man . Looks like it's all over and that makes me .........sad .......and then ANGRY ...and then sad again .
  2. hatchet13

    Sittin' on cannonball

    Jeezuz , I bet your arms are sore .
  3. hatchet13

    The Person Below You

    I did recently start using PCP again after a small break . I had some at at breakfast time which was at like 10am and really tried my best to stay off it for good . I got to about lunchtime and was wet as a muthafukka Whoever's below me probably stays clear of the harder stuff
  4. hatchet13

    The Person Below You

    Wrong you're, dyslexic I'm not . Be will bored
  5. hatchet13

    The Person Below You

    Love em ! Will be dyslexic
  6. hatchet13

    The Person Below You

    BOOM ! Guilty on all counts ! Next gay fish will like fish-sticks
  7. hatchet13

    The Person Below You

    No . Been here a while and I have to say I wish all those whiny halfwits that I used to hang shit on would come back for some more verbal bitchslaps . I miss that . But , it seems you're here Radium my good man , I guess you'll do . I reckon whoever is below me isss...umm...fuck , I dunno ...
  8. hatchet13

    Wow been a while

    I am a freak from the present
  9. hatchet13

    I need to know everything about medieval times and old english

    EI knoweth m're fucking w'rds in olde english than yond cunning people liketh william shakespeare and all of his cunting rabble of drunken fusty men putteth togeth'r i doth so declare I am eke fluent in m'rse code as thee can seeth: - ···· ·· ··· ·· ··· -- --- ·-· ··· ·...
  10. hatchet13

    *Kicks down the door*

    First things first - You can fix that fucken door!! Now that the door is fixed ... I can kick the prick off myself.....'BOOT!'.......Yeah , 'DOWN WITH DOORS' , DOWN WITH DOORS' ,DOWN WITH DOORS' ..........welcome.
  11. hatchet13

    How many Eggs have you broken???

    This game is eggcellent and I was cracking up over the beating I was getting on the reg. But I was in a foul mood and my temper was at boiling point cause this bitch Shelly told me everyone thought I poached all the best players after they flew the coop to come and join my dozen . They called me...
  12. hatchet13

    Zulu Wars

    Boar settlers ? Pig Men ? Are you telling me England were allied with a race of Pig Men ? ? Fuck , imagine being like a little Zulu chap about to fight your first battle . You have your spear and cardboard cow shield , running around fucking Africa with no shoes on and NOT ONLY do you have to...
  13. hatchet13

    I was robbed at gunpoint!

    Ha Ha ...thats hilarious. I love to hear stories about sukkaz like this retard getting their shit taken. But seriously , this person was lucky that they were dealing with an amateur instead of a true wrecker of lives and taker of stuff like me . Seriously, by the time this dopey bitch yelled...
  14. hatchet13

    Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator

    I also have the full simulator setup; rudder pedals, a self - leveling pump funnel , flight yolk, force feedback joystick,a keyboard , throttle quadrant, MS Gamevoice that sounds like Borat ,but i have 12 monitors, 3 separate interdivisive hud bubbles a 10inch green mouse pad with a cactus...
  15. hatchet13

    Looking for Norman clothing.

    I have an uncle called Norman ... well actually it's NOOR-rrrrMANnnAnnnooograooo but its close enough for me . What kinda clothes are you looking for ? Robes? Do you need robes ? Is it robes? Cause if you need Norman robes we're sweet , I'll go to his hovel right now and give old uncle...
  16. hatchet13

    if you lived on Krynn

    I'm just gonna randomly answer old threads cause I'm high on PCP and hiding in a gully for a sukka to rob. If I was on Krynn I'd get straight into ticking things off my list such as - 1 : Find that little fucking Tasslehoff and burn him alive with all the other fucking Burrfoots, ThistleTeeth...
  17. hatchet13

    Keeping in Touch

    Yep, it does . What a soft-cock ! I thought maybe the god empress went to a different forum ,so, I did some calculations and went through all Empress Anakins posts to find any commonly used words or interests he has spoken of repeatably and passionately. Then I collaborated all the data and...
  18. hatchet13

    Diplomat of Uram

    Nope . In Brisbane .
  19. hatchet13

    Had another dream about here

    Yeah he was . The real reason he was chosen to be R2-D2 is cause he had no heart , just like a droid . And cause he was small enough to fit inside a rubbish bin .
  20. hatchet13

    Old Folks Home

    I wander these halls naked