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    Random word generator

    Life is game. By the way you sound okay. Wanna talk some more? Maybe we can play some games together?
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    68 Funny Adult Jokes

    1. Why did Delvorm post below par jokes? Because he sucks and he needs to get out more.
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    Happy New Year!

    One can only hope that this year is better than the last! Sending many clones and love to Ray Captain....
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    If WoT was a movie who would play the characters?

    And with the release the other day of the series, now we know! Not terribly impressed with the casting......
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    What are you watching?

    Started watching the amazon Wheel of Time series yesterday. Not 100% sure if I like it or not.... I am pretty chuffed that it made it to the screen, but as someone that read (several times)all the books over a 25 year time span I have some reservations.
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    I remember coming home from school as a kid and watching this series. Used to love it, might be time to revisit it.
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    What are you listening to?

    I was listening to GnR just the other day whilst driving, great timeless rock! Have been catching up on a few albums that I missed or ignored over the last 20 years or so recently. Damn I missed some good ones.....
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    Thank god for that, it was almost a little serious in here discussion wise for a minute!
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    Old Folks Home

    Pretty sure everyone would count these days......
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    What Are You Thinking?

    It is indeed sad to see that forums have been relegated to the barely navigated backwaters of the internet. That being said there are still a few that I still visit on a regular basis and are relatively active.
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    Ask the next person a question...

    Probably coffee....not a huge breakfast person. Though I am partial to a full English breakfast every now and then! What is the one thing that takes most of your time day to day and can you (or would you) change it to have less impact?
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    Guess who's back! Back again!

    Hello again. Good to see everything is great. I am not married, pregnant or playing with horses.....but still kicking.
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    Keeping in Touch

  14. bloodfiredeath

    What Are You Thinking?

    An annual reunion for a few days would be great!!
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    What are you doing?

    The merry go round of life never ends....
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    Would you ever read a very long fantasy book?

    I always enjoyed the longer books, like mentioned in the OP. Pretty sure in this day and age, they are probably too long for most people and unless they are made into a series, most people won't bother (or care). The world indeed has lost some of it lustre.
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    Old Folks Home

    Nothing like watching crippled old men fight for forum naming rights glory. Two men enter...One man leaves!
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    the thread where everytime you visit, you have to make a post!!!!!!!!

    Old school look was best.
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    What are you watching

    Watching old Isle of Man TT races a bit lately. Everything on streaming services etc appears to be pretty average...
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    Ever eaten soap before?

    Did you ever complete your education?? I miss everyone....