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    Scrappy-Doo: The Next Generation

    Chapter 1 Fred and Velma got married in the ’70s, a few years after Shaggy and Daphne got married. Both of them had kids of their own. Shaggy and Daphne’s son’s name is Daniel Nathaniel Rogers. Kelly Cara Jones is the daughter of Fred and Velma. Daniel reaches 5’9” in height and weighs about...
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    Need help with the languages.

    Here's one of my languages for my novel: (I'm looking for good names for native Grudenians) No Consonant Injection, No Vowel Injection, No Append Consonant ethkriye, engliav, buvi, vuvu, buyemi, tuglepru, pepluslo, pluza, prushouh, vutha, sloengkri, druzano, cluahbo, ruruflu, noru, fruuv...
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    Naruto: The Next Generation

    After the fourth ninja war. Naruto got married to Sakura. Sasuke married to Hinata. Sai married Karin. Shino married Isarabi. Kiba married Tamaki. Shikamaru married Temari. Choji married Ino. Rock Lee married Tenten. Neji got revived after the war. Neji got married to Yakumo. Kakashi...
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    I'm new!

    What's up? I need help with Fashion for my fictional world. Here are the female fashion for my Grudenians: Grudenian Female Fashion Here are the Male fashion for my Grudenians: Grudenian males fashion The Gruden Status in The Pharaoh Vizors Nomarks Scribes Emperor/Empress...