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  1. Raansu

    Guild Wars

    I've heard from alot of people that GW is awesome but then again I've also heard its not that good( the ppl who told me this are ppl who play WoW) but i think i may buy it after the summer when i get my new computer
  2. Raansu

    Whats a good text-based game?

    I was wondering i f anyone could tell me a good text-based game that they've played before. I'm only playing text-based games because my computer is so messed its the only kind of game I can play at the moment. So if someone can help me out that would be great! :sitonsmil ( I just wanted to see...
  3. Raansu


    ya my friend plays knight online and i would be playing it aswell if my computer wasn't so bad. a good mmorpg that you may like is MU online. There are many other mmorpgs that e games hosts that you make like as well. Since my computer sucks i was also wondering if anyone knew about any text...
  4. Raansu

    What game are currently playing?

    At the moment i'm playing Ateleir iris it's pretty good game but doesn't have the best grapics. I would recommend though.