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  • hmmm we don't have it like that =/ The way you have there would probably be a bit better, well I don't know.
    Somes classes we only have one semestre, others we have for two or more. For example, first semester of the first year we had Project I, Drawing I, Geometry I, Culture of the city and arcuitecture, Math and Geography, but one the second semestre we had Project II, Drawing II, Materials I, Geometry II, History of contemporany architecture and antropology xD It's a bit complicated to explain, but we don't divide things into parts :( like this it can get a bit annoying because you have to study at the same time we have loads of work to do D: But that part is a bit depressing so I'll try not to talk (complain) too much about it xD

    It's interesting to see how things are diferent in other countries xD
    So apart from economy and european studies, what else do you like? :p
    Only a month? =o I'm stuck in this course for five years xD

    That project sounds good. It must be great for you to learn from experience like that =)
    I didn't have anything of the sort =( I just landed on architecture out of nothing xD
    you dont have skype? ;(

    hmm try :eek: its kind of awesome, but if i go to sweden this summer, i`ll get you drunk muhaha :D
    I just wanted to find a forum that was fantasy related, so I googled and this came up :p you?
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