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  • “back in the day”, yes :D


    Ah, þe good ol' days, when one could walk in one's godly form among the norþerners.
    Japanese/Korean/Chinese? I don't know lol. I'd like to visit one of those places some day :p there's a game called Go that I play and it's pretty big there, but not really here unfortunately
    Most people here are on the “rotten potatoes” :D
    I actually had a tiny bit of a nice wine the other night (Medieval Feast): mead, which was honey wine. Tasted a bit like champagne.
    oh that's cool. And no I don't speak any foreign languages unfortunately :p I may take some classes when I get back into college, but I'm not so interested that I'd start off by teaching myself.
    I wouldn't say spicy, but it's definitely a very flavourful taste.

    Even better is the alcohol that they use in it: Ratafia. I've only sniffed at it, because it was too strong for me to drink, but that really makes a huge difference. It smelled so purely fruity :)
    I'm alright lol, I was in college but some unfortunate circumstances have me in debt to said college and Ic an't go back till I pay it off xD what's your internship for?
    Hey :eek: admittedly I don't think I learned too much about you, but I'm back xD how are you?

    edit: oh man, that face is uncomfortable looking.
    I can definitely say the same: I've had cider fresh from a french cider press in Champagne (I also tasted champagne) and it really was good.
    Haha yes, you are correct! It's fruit/grain that has committed suicide in order to live slightly longer (and it failed).
    I've been allowed to drink it for 2 years (age 16 here, although spirits is 18) but I don't touch the stuff, unless it's half a glass of champagne at my birthday.
    Hey for one who is "constantly around" I don't see you posting that much anymore..:D How are you?
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