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    Habitable Planet?

    I'm for that as well! :) The biospheres would be a good idea. Its probably the most practical way of doing things. You would have to make sure that the shell to keep the atmosphere in is tough enough to sustain impacts from satellites and if possible, prevent anyone on the inside from breaking...
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    Habitable Planet?

    I think it's possible. I only have a limited understanding of the science behind this and the biology as well, but it was my understanding that it could be done over time, a long time. You would have to create a body of water, or more than one. The problem of course is temperature and what...
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    America Bad or Good?

    Haha. According to the currency converter it is 0.017814 The Canadian dollar has been on the rise lately. :) Does that mean that what I say becomes more valuable? Hmm...
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    America Bad or Good?

    I'm going to step in here for a minute... :) As your friendly northern neighbours, we see both positive and negative aspects of the country, just as we do in every country. Canada has its issues too and though our government tries to resolve issues, it takes time. So is American bad? Not...
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    The Empress Mask Collection

    Wonderful masks! Have you ever considered getting into costume design for films? I'm sure they would put your talent to very good use! Two thumbs up!
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    Frostmourne hungers...

    Unfortunately UC has gone under and filed for bankruptcy and had to let go most of their employee's and the production team, Kit included. I'm glad that he has teamed up with Epic Weapons for the Frostmourne project because of his experience with the swords of the ancients that he developed. I'm...
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    Frostmourne hungers...

    I'm pretty sure that its the same company producing it. As far as I know, Kit is helping design the sword with Epic Weapons.
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    Sword Design Competition

    Hey, Just a quick question... I can't seem to find the rest of the Arms of Valor website. Is it at another location separate from the contest link?
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    your favorite fantasy weapon!

    I would have to say a sword. Not those ugly giant swords with unnecessary features. The nice sleek and more realistic swords with a touch of fantasy. Something out of the Lord of the Rings or George Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. War hammers are pretty cool too, but they pale in comparison.
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    Building a 13th century French castle by hand!!!

    I think it is a dream for the majority of the people interested in medieval history, that they would love to have a castle built for them and then to live in it for the remainder of their lives. I share that dream and I hope to make that dream a reality... as fardetched as it may seem. Money is...
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    Albions Svante arrives.

    Looks great to me! Mine are scattered around my room. I think its the collectors dream to have a house large enough to fit them all in. It's certainly one of mine... perhaps a castle, if you want to go to the extreme :)
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    Albions Svante arrives.

    I don't know. I would call that one the "Hells yeah!" Those mats didn't have a chance. How did the Svante feel for your cutting?
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    Albions Svante arrives.

    Patrick. I am indeed jealous of your beautiful sword! It might interest you that the moment I got home from my holiday and from the visit to Albion, I fell in-love with the Svante. It truely is a magniciant sword and you're pictures are terrific as well! The detailed work on the hilt is great...
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    Archery 101

    I would have to agree with you. Swords are great for me, but it is difficult to practice unless you have a partner. With archery, I can go into my backyard and let some arrows fly. I'll have to saving up for one of those nice bows. :) Thanks for the link(s). :)
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    Last weekends cutting practice (pics)

    Wow! Great pictures and descriptions too! I know exactly what you are talking about with all of the Albion swords. Mike Sigman showed me the Baron and much much more. I actually had my search narrowed down to the Baron, the Crecy, the Templar, and the Norman. I went with the Crecy and...