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  • sorry... i was just going to say, "wow, it's the heard-of-but-never-seen skyanide! hello, there! :) " but i edited, because that was not the kind of place to post those things...
    hey how are you ?
    i have just some questions :D how can i post picture in visitor box?
    (are you admin? )
    can the Hiking thread be closed from 20 -28 marth i am GM there , and i will be in Sweden and i wont have access to ....
    my apologies for posting the news about my RP thread, it's not the actual thread though it's just where people in the general fantasy section can hear about it. the actual thread will be in the RP section. Won't happen again.
    Also, where can I actually post it?
    Hi, sorry to bother you.

    Do you think it possible to have a Robin Hobb section in the books forums as there are lods of fans out there and it should be a winner.
    Especially as Hobb has quite a few great trilogies out now.

    Many thanks for your time
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