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  • *idea*: block all posts that use the word 'iphone'?
    and i'm being serious with that.
    from what i can tell most say iphone at least once... and if you can block a term..? i'm not sure if you even have the power to do that but yeah
    Hi, I am new, need some friends, please read my blog The Mighty Pen and ELTANIN and let me know what you think?
    Also I need a picture how do I do that?
    Hey there. I noticed you have edited my two previous posts. I understand regarding the torrent link, although other links not relating to potentially copyrighted material were also removed from an unrelated post. Just so I have some clarity, why were the other links removed?

    Am I within the rules to post links in future?
    sky my man, I refer you to the old folks home. I would love you to give me a graphic title like some mods have.

    I dont care what you put there it could be anything. I just want one. make fun of me whatever..
    Lol :D you're the first one to notice that

    I have myself on my own friend's list (sad, I know) so I'm surprised I didn't notice

    that is seriously funny though :D
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