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  • if you're enthusiastic then that means you're happy which means at least something is good :)
    Though its true that sometimes it only takes little things to make one happy so usually we don't even notice what it is that is making us happy:p
    Hahah, but do you always have the same classes?
    What I mean was, for example if you're going to study architecture here.
    It's a five years long course, and for two months you'll have the drawing part, and ONLY the drawing part,
    so that is the only think you'll have to study at the time. Then after two months, you're finished with that one.
    You start the math part for maybe three months, and you do that. So every "part" of the course
    has it's one time and you only work with that part intensively. Do you understand?
    It's still five years but you do one thing at a time instead of having all the classes at once.

    Yeah it is actually great and it's really fun. :3
    Hahaha! xD Well that is good too ;)
    Haha, yeah. XD
    Here in the Swedish colleges and universities we divide the studies into one thing at a time.
    We take a course for a month or two, and then the next course, etc. That seems really cool.

    Economy is basically about bookkeeping, accounts, and how to balance a good economy in a company.
    The last year in high school (that I'm in at the moment) we get to do a project.
    We get into groups and start a business, could be ANYTHING.
    Then we have to run the company, with real money, and we have to make sure the economy is good, from what we've learned.

    It's actually quite fun but really hard!

    Yeah you should come here some day. :D
    It's good that you can keep in touch with your friends, that's really important. :3

    That sounds like a lot of fun! But isn't it hard?
    Or is it one of those easy things to learn?

    So I've heard xD And to be honest, it does scare me a little.
    I mean.. High school is over in like three months! WOAH!
    And I'll never be back, ever again... I'm gonna miss it. :[

    Well, do you mean how my classes are in economy or in Sweden?
    Come visit me, I'll show you around! xD
    That's pretty much like living by yourself. :eek:
    And how is it now when you're away from your old friends? Do you ever get a chance to meet them?
    That's one of my biggest fears! I wouldn't want to lose my friends.

    Architecture seems interesting, but from what I've heard it takes a lot of math skills to handle it, right? =P
    If there was no need for a super math brain, I would totally go for it myself! xD

    I'm from Sweden :)
    Oh, so you're living alone? How is it? :D
    And I'm glad you got used to it! I can't imagine what it must be like not knowing ANYONE.

    Hahahah! Yeah, you have a good point there, miss.
    Aww! But do you enjoy it now that you go that course?
    Good! :D
    Aww, yeah well it's expensive and it takes a lot to just go somewhere new,
    not knowing anyone, or anything but the language. It IS difficult!
    That is why I'm probably only going wherever I wanna study, for six months. xD
    I couldn't take more than that! I mean, I have my family and friends over here
    and I can't imagine being away from them for a year. :O

    Don't worry, I'm happy that you're honest! :p
    And as I said - you're not the only one who thinks it's boring.
    I'm starting to think there's something wrong with ME! xD
    Oh that sounds nice. No animation course in your country? :eek:
    That's such a shame! Maybe you can study abroad someday.

    At the moment I'm studying economy in high school, but I'll be graduating in june.
    After that I'm gonna study "European Studies", it's about the European Union, politics, history etc.
    I find it really interesting but all my friends are like "Ehh, that is SO BORING!?!" xD
    Ohh, I see.
    I understand! It would be hard to focus on both playing cello and studying your ass off. xD
    What are you studying at the moment?

    Awww, me too! Well my music teacher at school FORCED me to play in front of some students. D:
    It was awful, waaaaaaah!
    Really?! Five years is still a lot!
    Well cello is way cooler than piano. xD
    Maybe you'll learn in time ;)

    I've played for eleven years now and well I absolutely LOVE it.
    Unfortunately, I can't play in front of people, not even my family or closest friends.
    I have this sort of phobia. xD So no, definitely not anything professional.
    Oh, me too!
    They are so abstract, dark, and melancholic... Yet romantic!
    Corpse Bride, ah <3 The music from that movie is just amazing.
    I can play some of it on the piano, actually xD
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