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  • That's nice of you. Thanks RW. Hope you have a great christmas as well. Sorry I'm kinda skint this time of year after all the presents I have to buy and all, so I cant post myself to you as a christmas present.
    Hope you're not too saddened. :p
    wait sorry.. misread... ok you can get all progs free cough cough... torrent cough.. its on you if you do.
    as in Microsoft office? if so, oh god please PLEASE DONT! People who come in with that shit I tell to EF off! lol not really but I want too. I cant work with those files. They think they are doing me a favour by 'designing text around the picture' or what ever for me to work with in word. However, all they are actually doing is making my job 10 times more $%#%#$%# annoying. never speak of office again! lmao :p
    yes im sorry, your smart enough to do so. but you need programs like premier to make gifs from movies and that costs thousands... you rich? I get all all programs from work (shoosh don't tell anyone). haha
    oh come on i know you cant make animated gifs.. still I'm sure your gorgeous. *sounds like a cheesy troll, but doesn't mean too*
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