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  • Not much going on here. Just getting older and older. :p
    I'm really not around here much anymore. I just recently returned for a bit.
    Saw you online last night just as you were leaving, apparently.
    Good to see you're still alive and well.
    One day I'm gonna make it down your way for a look around.
    When I do, I hope to buy you a beer.
    Take care, old friend. :)
    How could you not be!! But dont let it be known, Hero worship is sub par in his eyes! lol.
    Hey Renz baby. I just had to explain to my Mom why there's a $40 charge for a call to Australia on our June phone bill. You owe me!
    Hey thx for the add. Looking forward to the Dragonball movie? I am, though my expectations aren't that high. I read the trailer will be shown in october.
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