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  • *laughs* Yeaahhh... that happens sometimes.....lol. The schedule for the contest seems like it's pretty tight too: they don't give you much time for each round (2 weeks I think?) so you have to be really motivated to finish in time and you have to write a new story for each round. I've entered and I'm starting to wonder what I might have gotten myself into. There are some damn good writers in it and it's going to be REALLY embarrassing if I get eliminated in the first round. God help me...lol! Wish me luck and if you change your mind let me know ASAP.
    Hi Ray :) You mentioned in your last Tales of TFF post that you wanted some writing motivation. I don't know if you're interested or not, but on another forum I belong to, they're running a "smackdown" fantasy writing competition for fun. It runs like an elimination round... only so many people advance to the next round. I think they're starting December 1st and I don't think they're full yet. If you think you might be interested in doing something like that, let me know and I'll fill you in on the details.
    See; you can map out and write down many of the things that make up a person's brain function; but that does not mean you can turn a person's personality into literature.

    That is the mistake people make. Someone being a boarder line with a description of that wrote down; is not all they are. each borderline person is different; because they come out of different circumstances and personalities formed by different circumstances.

    The text books are largely just a guild line that can be applied to people once you have talked to and understand that person. I love psychology because it is all about people and how they are different and how they all tick. And they are all different; even if there are wide circle drawn where people fit in.

    Like what is normal? There are a lot of things considered normal; its just a wide circle of different things and we all or rather most of us fit in in our own weirdly normal ways.
    I am a very blunt person too; but since I want to go into psychology I generally chose less abrasive words my self; while still smacking people with the stupid fish.
    One way I would describe you; and please do not take offense at this. Is that in general you have a really good heart; but sometimes when you talk; you pick the absolute worst way to say things and that is what some people can take as you being offensive.

    But I have known you for years and am used to it =p
    I originally left cause of all the crap that happened in spam; when we had a bunch of nubies going above and beyond spam and killing threads. I was just disgusted by them, then most of the people I had known where gone and I did not really find a nook and just started coming and going.
    i got that :) but thing is if you want to destroy 6 ships, you have to have an artifact etc
    thats bit too high ;)
    :d Read previous posts - if you want to do a general bad guy- who has one of the artifacts, you can do that..but yeah can PM if you want to have general idea
    Lol, ok :D
    and we try to stick to some sort of reality -> just for further notice, even Chuck Noriss could not beat 20 men :p
    not wanna be rude, but you had to say that you are joining in..and post a profile...
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