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  • I've had chicken feet (pretty good, but a lot of bones), fried frog legs (tastes like chicken and fish mixed), grilled sea snail (tastes like mussel or oyster), alligator tail (tastes like the frog legs but tougher), deep-fried fish head (tastes like very crunchy potato chips), chicken heart (chewy and has a slightly sour taste), chicken kidney (more sour and softer than the heart), chicken liver (sandy and sour, not my thing), boiled seasoned and chilled jellyfish (tastes like crunchy salty sour jelly), pig stomach (warm and crunchy and has no taste unless you dip it in soy sauce), pig intestines (same), cow stomach and intestines (same), fish eggs (tastes a bit sandy and salty), and duck tongue (tastes like tough and "smooth" duck).
    xD guess it's how you're raised and such. I personally enjoy pizza, burgers and salads and such, but dim sum and traditional chinese/japanese foods hold a place in my heart because of my heritage.
    chow mein's actually pretty authentic :3 and Panda Express food's pretty good as an approximation, if you know what to ask for. you should try some sweet-and-sour pork or chow fun sometime :3 and if you're feeling adventurous... chicken feet ovO
    I've played it once or twice, mostly with my grandmother. The rest of the family likes mahjong, brings the set every time we have gatherings x3

    you like Asian food?
    Hey there, what's up for me, nothing much at all, which I am loving, resting from uni, in holidays right now
    How about you, what's up?
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