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  • I haven't read the Mallorean, sad to say, I just never have got around to it, but yeah the Belgariad is on my tops list. I love Barak, he cracks me up a lot. Speaking of cracking up, the scene with Belgarath and Silk in the boat explaining how Belgarath broke his arm makes me laugh every time. Silk just bursting out with laughter, Eddings could capture humanity so well it's scary.
    Oh man, I found it through a friend about 8 years ago and since then I've read once every Summer. It and Lord of the Rings are the two series I read yearly.
    And you're my thief and spy. Ha! I never could pick who my favorite was between Silk and Mandoralen, but man were they great.
    I'm Emerlas, I am from Alice Springs in Australia, it is nice to meet you Prince_Kheldar
    thanks for accepting my offer of friendship
    aahh no i don't know them!! definitely gonna check them out!! thanks :D!
    btw do you know any other good real fantasy books by eddings? i don't know of any other.. except for some 'normal' novels and some sci-fi (is that correct..can't remember very well)..
    haha yeeahhh silk is a very good character... always good when a book can literally make me laugh out loud :D..which that character could :D.
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