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  • Congrats to our SW pair!!!!! Anyway, how's your newly married life atm? Is Anakin good to you? You know you can actually let steam out if shit happens ala I'm not gonna cook or clean for you lol! :D j/k.
    well ive been away for a while lol. we set up a website for our clan on realm of empires, so i spend most of my time either playing the game or adminning the forum lol
    Ah wow. There's something about Apple...
    They just make us want everything!

    Yes, well that is a dream come true.
    Imagine in about... 10 years, what's next? xD
    Oh, I see. I shall use the powers of google and see if there's anything I can find!

    WHAT?! In that case; I want an iPad, now!
    I had no idea. :eek:
    Haha, aw! Yeah, well it takes a lot of time and energy to read.
    Unfortunately my lack of sleep is caused by the fact that I read too much, haha. ><
    Yes of course that counts! Reading is reading. What do you read online? Is it for free? :O
    I really love reading!
    Just entering a whole new world with new characters, get to know them and their secrets,
    and follow them through their journeys. I LOVE IT! I can't explain it, but I do. Hahaha.
    Hahahaha, aww!
    That is so cool, I'm jealous of you now. xD
    Sounds like you had a lot of fun at school, which I don't! Hahaha.

    Well talented people need to use their talent, you know ~
    Haha, exactly! I think it's a good storyline and all, but.. Seriously.
    They're pushing it to the limit! Vampires are supposed to be cool and mysterious, not everywhere.

    What's this all about?
    You could do SO MUCH but you haven't got the equipment!
    Chop chop, go buy some! Hahaha!
    Hahaha, aw. I had cassettes instead of CD's when I was a kid,
    I had like 500 in a huge bag that I carried with me wherever I went.
    And yeah, when you think about it, iPods are AMAZING!

    Muse are fantastic live, they sort of "connect" with the crowd, it's so cool.
    I wouldn't know, I haven't heard anything about Muse lately or the new Bond movie. :eek:
    But I wouldn't be surprised either, haha, they're getting faaaamous!

    One thing that I really hate is that "Supermassive Black Hole" was used in Twilight.
    I mean, come on... Not that I hate Twilight, I just think it's kind of lame, and... Yeah, it just sucks.
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