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  • Oh damned. Went MIA too long, forgot that the blokes/gals here have yet to forget me lol! :D tyvm for the well wishes. btw, how's Ced? :)
    That must have been in 2005 or 2006 - I'm not sure, it feels like ages ago. I still have all the Christmas cards I got from you and Cedric and all the other TFFers. Every time I clean my apartment and throw tons of old stuff away I never have the heart to throw all these good memories away, so all these years I've kept them like a secret treasure. :p
    My major is English language and literature, my minor is history. ^^
    Damn, I really miss the old days. TFF is just not the same without veterans like us! :D
    Oy, good to see you! University has been keeping me pretty busy, but now the semester break has begun and there's nothing for me to do, so I decided to return to TFF and to try not to vanish too soon! :D
    Well, just viewed the vid. I assume it's meant to go against all the media bs on the JFK assassination conspiracy theories, right? Tried to pay attention, but got overwhelmed by the major bs caused my dad when he tried to be too clever and ****ed the electrical system up as the result. That plus no matter what language of any vids/shows I'm seeing, I really need subtitles. Yes I'm that much of a fail. :(
    were are you heading? i hope some were hot :D I bet you cant.... geez, kind of cant get that, some of TFF is actually all around of world, and that some are gettin married :D i have been awesome, learnign and stuff at summer, hope t have some As at the end of school year :D
    Oh one more thing. Yours truly has just given you and Anakin an awesome present in courtesy of Youtube. :p I've posted that one in your marriage thread.
    Wow Finlay is getting the terrible three, huh? ;) And yeah, on your sis' youngest kid, I think you've said that before. Just forgotten when and where. -.- Also I agree with you on the parenting issue. But yeah, I'm looking forward to the day where the two of you will get your own little monsters no matter how long. After that, both of you can whine abt that little bundle of trouble here lol! :D
    So how's FInlay? How old is that kid now? Any running around ala hyperactive style? ;) Anyway, congrats to your marriage. Sorry I can't say that earlier b/c of all my writing stuff eating my time up. -.- Anyway, just something personal: Any plans to have kids in the near run once Anakin got a stable job? ;)
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