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  • well, i pictured it that a true dragon is, well, to flow with the rpg... the soul of an honest person taken by a what's it called... chaquenique? well, the one rosa made that can steal souls. they are reformed by the gods as a dragon,
    um... so does your character actually want to be half-dragon? or does she desperately wish for humanity? or does she care?
    you have to keep posting in other "vistor messages" othervise we cant know it you have answered
    Well, either. I just put it to put it down. I can, and have the dragons die out, and Loriassani join the monastery in a way of grieving, and because she had no where else to go... either or! I guess I'll join the rpg, if that's OK.
    nice description! So you're a dragon-human chimera? Nice! Hmm, learn the way of the dragons.. will you be training, or would you like to join the others at Father John's monastery?
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