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    stežem kaiš udarila kriza
    a ja jedem senvic bez salame
    Cak ni dima nema
    A ni tebe, ni tebe

    Jebote koi sam pjesnik.
    It's ok, as you can tell I haven't been around much either. It's been busy here with work and two of my girls just had birthdays and a short holiday, so needless to say TFF has suffered! ;) :D

    I'm hoping to get a new computer soon but I still want to try the PSCS you suggested, let me know when your email is working for you! :)
    hey are you ?
    i know i ma just a newbie yet..but can you make me a sig too.. :D i dont know what i could do back... but lets see what i can do :D
    So,copy something that I said against croatians, i wanna see these so called insults^^
    lol,nox,start thinkingi wasn't provoking you,i'm part croatian too:D
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