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  • sup, how are things?I see you are now a fan of Ezio :D Nothing is true, everything is premited.
    well, for year I studied engineering, but now I am studying Physics. Well that sounds interesting, I have always wondered how the certain meanings of a word has risen :p Why wont you continue english?
    well, I am not a huge mmo fan :/ only mobas and single player games :p I had TES Online beta, and I was not impressed by the lack of game in it compared to skyrim :p haha, I like nights a lot better then days, its so more easy to study and stuff :/ But yeah its not cool to health :D
    oh! Thats quite close actually :D So, how are you? Studying for session (like uni finals month?) or why up so late?
    well for me I usually get a game and finish it asap, especially with AC :D well 2nd and 4th is the best :D rest kind of fallen off.. I even tried TES online, but it was sooo bad :/I was very disappointed by it..
    Oblivion is special, but Skyrim is superior in anyway. haha :D If you like open world games, I really suggest two worlds 2 :p
    btw,If I may ask, where are you from? Presonally I come form a small-ish land of Latvia :D
    well, I am huge fan of both francises :p Have you played all ACs? Well, Oblivion for me will always hold a special place for a game.. I think I have not play a single game more than I did play oblivion :d
    well, then just add me liels_valis (currently YGU liels_valis) do you play something else too on steam??
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