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  • I don't use twitter or facebook, but I do have a tumblr and youtube account :D several on tumblr actually lol
    Ooooh yes... the reality is much different.... usually the mom is the slave to her kids, not the other way around. XD
    Yes, my birthday is on the 6th of August. Soon! :) I'll be 18 :D (and what a big brother you'll have. heh)
    I start on the 7th September, although university lessons start on the 17th, so I still have quite a while of being bored.
    And as to new things, I'm going to pass my driving test soon (8th of August). Really hope that I pass (fingers crossed)

    BTW I couldn't help but noticing on Swan's profile: are you on Twitter?
    *pats on back*
    My holiday in Scotland was great, but now I'm just bored at home (loads to do but too hot to do much) waiting for my birthday and waiting to maybe go walking with friends.

    What about you? Gone to Asia yet?
    Hello again Micki! :)
    I've been offline for a while too, but I've been on holiday for a while. Yes; it is boring!
    No, her Greetings thread was closed because the RP was spam.
    Lol, aw, that sucks :p Can't you just do the whole "forgot password" bit to get your account back?
    Awww, thanks! If you mean the dragon, I found it on google. The drakitty icon though I made myself :D It's actually supposed to be animated but can't be on here
    Lots of new stuff! Olivia the Lamb is a mod now and there's some great new stuff posted in the art folder too. We're having a tropical heat wave here where I live: tons of rain with it too. I feel like I'm living in a steaming tropical jungle!!!! lol
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