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  • well I'd say there are a lot of spirits so it wouldn't matter who invoked who, you could almost put it to the point that you need a pre-existing deal with a demon/spirit before you can summon them, that way each sorceror or what have you would only have one demon to call on that was specifically bound to them. This would prevent the call-waiting aspect. Plus if you were going into a desperate situation hopefully you'd already have an idea about what your spirit needs to do so you could have them close on hand.
    Hmm, I suppose that could work, if you offered an equivalent exchange. The problem would be working out an agreement as to what was an acceptable equivalent to the service you petitioned, and unless you had a credit system going it would be difficult to keep check of who was in debt to who and where. And it gets even more complicated if more than one practitioner wanted to invoke the same spirit at the same time; this might end in a "line busy" effect, which is definitely not a good thing if you're in a desperate or time-constrained situation.

    But now i understand a little more the type of magic you were talking about. It's kind of like people who put their names on a classified ad listing for odd jobs, charge negotiable, instant service call this number.
    That's a very interesting thought!
    I must disagree with your using spirit notion though.
    I always thought you made bargains with spirits, win win in a way, no matter whether you were good or evil. Even in a world where everyone is in balance there are still those working for others for food, money, or shelter, etc. Dealings with spirits would be the same way. You're not enslaving them, you're employing them.
    I prefer looking at magic itself as energy-based, even if that energy is further subdivided into elemental aspects or something. I think that spirit-based magic only works in worlds where spirits are treated like servants, and since in my worlds all sentient creatures have the same right to freedom only villains, antiheroes or shamans very well acquainted with the spirits they're working with will use spirit magics. Lots of my magic is based on chi and ley line energy. I think of ley lines as the lines of least magical resistance. And those lines aren't always confined to our three dimensions either: the lines could easily pass through Leyspace, the world between worlds. Sometimes ley-line walkers will use this property to their advantage by grabbing hold of the line and lifting themselves in and out of our reality, my world's version of teleporting.
    i don't actually do any magic either, but what types of magic do you like incorporating into the stories you write? :)
    western magic includes hermetic, or based on studies done by exclusive sects (freemasons, cutls, etc) and theurgical, or based on the abrahamic religions (islamic, kabalistic, jewish, mystic, etc).

    eastern magic includes use of the chi (acupuncture, the yin and yan), i ching, divination, geomancy, feng shui, and shinto, buddhist, tibetan, hindu, and other mystic magics.

    There are also modern or "new age" magics, such as wicca, paganism, neopaganism, satanism, paranormal investigation, psychic energies, tarot cards, voodoo, african shamanism, native american shamanism, aboriginal magicks, divination, palm reading, astral projection, sigil magic, gnostic magic, and a whole range of others.

    And this doesn't even begin to get into all the other arts...

    and "the force" was a joke reference to star wars, the energy that's similar to the chi in taoism. "The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together." it manifests itself in telekinesis, telepathy, precognition, enhanced reflexes, and a variety of other ways.
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