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  • Well Oathbreaker is about a pixie named Oonzil who rides an eagle. He is trying to save a fae girl from a human who catches te fae and grinds them into pixie and fairie dust.
    nice! it's awesome having a novelist post some stuff here :) so, what type of fae elements do you put into the works? boggarts, fae, pixies?
    thank you! and that sounds like an interesting book! is it mostly just fantasy magic then? :) it sounds like you use mostly european mythology
    hello! may we be friends? your books look interesting! what sort of things are they about?

    do they have magick? :D i've done some research into the occultic arts before. strange stuff, but interesting.

    or mythology? looked like there was dragon stuff there too! mythology is intimately entwined with the Arts.
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