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  • P.S: Trappatonni. Yep the master of Irish trapping. And is it any wonder that Italian football has hit yet another rigging scandal? -.-'

    Final P.S: That's mean. Really mean. :( Ah well, there's still Jaime Lannister if that bloke is really dead. But still a major POV character dying at this moment? I dunno srsly. Martin do have a way in springing the offside trap. :S

    A/N: I really hate the word limit rule now despite knowing the legitimacy behind it. :(
    The football thread has gone fossil mode. Even AA has gone AnalAlex by his no-showing. :( As for Wenger staying, yeah I guess so. The only monkey lies in whether the club will compromise on the whole wage ceiling rule. A lot of ppl tend to say this-and-that, yet if not for such a policy, the Gunners would gone broke and goners. imo the only reason for the system not being compromised is down to the fear of pre-Wenger era where the club was battling debts left, right and center. If there's a precedent, there will be a very real risk. And Euro 2012... now that's something to shout abt. Finally my blog's football section has something do work on. :) So now there left the batsu-bet. Foin will be 100% eager. I might jump in as well. But that will depend on Turry Curly Wurry. ;)
    So will Wenger stay? Or perhaps even more importantly RVP? Yes I feel for the possible situation at North London now. I'm still waiting to see whether Boro can keep Rhys Williams post next season. T_T

    P.S: pls dun tell me Jon Snow died. PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T T_T T_T
    Haha, no worries. I have been known to pirate stuff on occasion. Just keeping safe on that show. ;)
    The only reason why I did not obtain the another fashion is that I figured they might be "watched" more closely. I mean I did get an email notice several years ago for getting a movie that way...and it's not like I haven't done that since...was just playing it safe with that particular show. Though, I'll probably rent them soon and decide if I want to buy them or not from there.
    With ADWD I need to re-read the series..but the books are so long it is a rather daunting task. There are just lots of stuff for me to do currently...especially in the video game area. I have to finish two games I have started. Begin the new Zelda game, still have to purchase the new Batman game as well as the new Assassin's Creed. So many games, so little time lol.
    I know I need to read ADWD, but I need to refresh my memory -_-
    No, I haven't had the chance to watch A Game of Thrones...I don't have cable or anything...Just netflix and Hulu Plus. So will have to get the dvds.
    I'm finally caught up with Doctor Who. Which took awhile for the same above reason. Love that show.
    Ah, the old life sorting out thing. Good luck on that. Sadly I haven't read much lately, same with watching anything. Been in a japanese gameshow type of trend lately. It's always fun to see people get tossed, smacked, spun, etc etc while trying to win. Apparently I've been out of the loop in the book world. Apparently there is this book called Hunger Games that is being made into a movie. The book seems good, so I will want to read it and also see the film...but which to do first? I have yet to start reading A Dance with Dragons. Had it since it came out. It has been such a long time I think I need to read the entire series again first. Working more hours now and getting paid a lot more for it that's good. Oh, I did get a new tattoo. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle one. xD
    i m sorry that i spoke like that... I was very angry... i m still not with you of course.. In general with the situation...
    There is a thread in the TFF House Discussions that I started about reviving the TFF Book Club. I was pointed to you for getting it started . I've already mentioned it to a few other people.
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