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  • Seriously?Monsters with huge dicks,naked pics of him and sleazy dialogues?Man..this forum is going downhill.
    Sorry went through a few things over the weekend. RL has been mental. Looks like you got someone to play my character anyway, so I'd probably just slow you guys down if I joined now.
    Looks as if we may be getting an anime sub forum some time. Sky will look into it at some point. Just thought you'd be interested in this news.
    sent you the login details for character builder on skype. i'm on skype for a few hrs yet so will be able to help you through it
    i sent you a pm bro. basically it's add me as jim.a5 on skype and i'll put you in the game room
    also, be aware that as a duergar you'll be treated barely above a slave by drow (including some other players)
    yeah, have a talk amongst yourselves. i'll run it based on an even spread party, so if you guys don't have your bases covered you'll get trashed ;)
    sent an invite to underdark group. so you guys can work out what characters etc
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