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  • Hey I'll PM you back later today hopefully... Yesterday was super busy for me and today MIGHT be too... but I will get back to you!
    Hi Liadan, I have been inactive for ages now and just noticed that you gave me some e-rep last year for my sig-pic.
    Thanks, ha ha ,very good
    ugh, well that's the downside of Beta - pure PvP on BattleNet. Although I heared they overhauled BN to allow for more equal matches.

    To be honest, I'm mostly about playing these games with friends of mine. My micro has always been lacking and, luckily, so has theirs. We're just for fun, really.

    But SCII is trully a title I'm looking forward to :D

    That's pretty awesome :D - although, since my main computer is dead now, I'd hardly be able to run it right now.

    What's it like???

    Am I to surmise you were able to acquire a Starcraft II Beta Key?

    That is so mean! :(
    Yeah, I haven't seen any real drama since I've been here. The best type of site for making drama, in my experience, is one that's dedicated to a certain book/movie/show and insulting it. My favorite way to do so is using legitimate insults about stuff that makes no sense, cause they get all up in arms and defensive. I did that on a Sword of Truth forum once. It was swell.
    Nah, too much joking to take the drama seriously. And like I said, your additions just made me laugh and think "well, there goes the drama." But I'm all for it turning into real drama. That's just hilarious. :D
    Lol well stick around for as long as possible, your presence is appreciated :D
    So are we just waiting on Nienor to make the subforums and whatnot?
    Lol you are so responsible ;D just modest

    but really, like if you ever need anyone to take over while you're gone, you can always ask me ^^ I may not be the most responsible person >.> but you can count on me to be active ;D
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