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    Looking For Fantasy Beta Readers

    well i was just hoping to give a chapter only lol dw not the whole thing!
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    do you want to read a random blog?

    So, there's this blog and it's about life's rants. Feel free to read. Adieu.:cool:;) angrythoughts
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    Can someone read my story? (favours returned.)

    the story is eleven chapters long so far but I'll only give a chapter for you to read, um, the only way I can send it is via email? It's on Word, so if you're still interested write down your email, thanks.:rolleyes:
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    Can someone read my story? (favours returned.)

    So I'm working on a novel that I'm serious about, it's a supernatural fantasy/adventure set in the middle ages. I really really really need someone helpful to read it and provide honest feedback :(:eek: I shall do the same for other aspiring authors out there. :):) Merci.
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    So it was all Snape's fault?

    You know I didn't think of that. Yes Snape had a lot in allowing Voldemort to hurt Harry. But I guess he did try to make amends for it, I mean he did become spy for dumbledore. But that being said, it was only to ease his guilty conscience or because he had nothing to live for. I wanted Snape to...
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    Best Harry Potter book?

    I'd have to say, concept wise and the way it was written etc would have to be the Chamber Of Secrets. That was when it started to become more intriguing and we got to know more about voldemort. And come on, 'kill kill, let me rip you...' who does not like that? I found it so chilling and eerie...
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    Middle Earth Festival

    awr man I wish there was one in London, I actually need to start going to these conventions.:cool:
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    Looking For Fantasy Beta Readers

    Hi there, I am in dire need of someone to review my fantasy novel (in progress) also, so i'll give yours a read if you can return the favour? Thanks!:)