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    Hello One And All!

    Thanks for the warm welcomes! I was starting to worry that this board was dead. Good to see that it isn't!
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    Mercy? You want mercy? I'm chaotic neutral!

    Mercy? You want mercy? I'm chaotic neutral!
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    The Total War Series

    Anyone here play the Total War games? For those who might not be familiar with the series, they are tactical war games usually set in a historical setting. Up until recently that is. The games span many different time periods: from ancient Rome, feudal Japan, the middle ages, 1700s and...
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    How are you feeling?

    Groggy and anxious. Groggy because I just woke up. I am pretty much dead to the world for the first hour or so after I wake up. Anxious because I am moving to Oregon in April. That is a 2000+ mile move. It is going to be a great adventure, but I am pretty nervous all the same!
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    The I Love Thread

    I love good whiskey/whisky and fine tobacco on a cold winter's night!
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    The Picture of yourself thread

    Haha! Many thanks! Glad you approve :)
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    Things you cant live without

    The internet. I pretty much live on the net. I am thoroughly addicted.
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    Your Username

    The name of the Troll boxer/street fighter type character is was playing as in a Shadow Run game. Grew up on the streets ect. not ever knowing his real name. He was very proficient at punching things though. VERY proficient at it. So he started calling himself "Bruiser" and other people added...
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    The Picture of yourself thread

    I may be new but I love to share! Though technically my avatar is me. But here is a better pic!
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    Hello One And All!

    Hello everyone another new guy here! I actually stumbled upon this forum completely by random. While I don't exactly remember what I was searching for, I am glad that I stumbled on this cozy forum! I took some time too look around, and it seems like my kind of place and my kind of people...