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  • Haha, glad for the approval. ;) Foinikas is really taking things too far, and this way I get to exercise my trolling abilities without getting yelled at for it. ;P
    LOL...So what you are implying is that TFF is only good enough if XBOX is on the fritz...
    Whatcha talkin' bout foo? You ain't gangasta? LOL....white bread...

    Things with me? Ummm let's just say that a lot of shit happend over the past six months but I'm finally back!!!! TFF is in shambles without my presence :D

    New "gangsta" thang eh? I'm down wit dat (WTF? interesting)

    Been awhile Kenshin, how have you been?
    Drizzt's old scimitars were broken when he fought some orcs when he came to the surface. Drow's magic stuff is destroyed by sunlight. It was only much later that he got Twinkle and Icingdeath, I think one of them was stolen from a dragon.
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