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  • How's Ur band? And u? :)
    My band released 3 albums in 2015 but since then we've been taking it slow. I've been doing good, I did an 8-month internship at a software company as part of my degree and it was alot of fun.

    What's new with you?
    Hey Smellmore, I know you like the Civ games but have you played Galactic Civilization II?
    It's like Civ games but on steroids. Multiple customization options and of course in space.
    :) That is true. If you haven't already tried making apple pie milkshake, you should sometime. Toss a generous piece of homemade apple pie (yes, crust and all!) in a blender with milk and vanilla ice cream. It's to die for! :D
    Hi Kel :) I just noticed you gave me rep: thanks! :) Was it for the apple pie milkshake or for the reason for your existence? lol
    I had red thai curries and vindaloo both in restaurants and in packages you can buy in supermarkets. Now with the latter Vindaloos were definately more spicy. In restaurant vindaloos were even spicier than just from supermarkets. They were really spicy. However if you add chillies with them they just burn my tongue. I do really like red thai curries. But personally I don't think they're as spicy as vindaloos. But that was my own experience in restaurants. But red thai curries is certainly one of my favourite curries of all, either thai, indian or chinese. In taste red thai curries are maybe even better than vindaloos however, so you do get the best of both. There I do agree.
    Geez, I'm apparently having a blonde moment here. You posted the name in the thread title. :D
    My problem is I have trouble finding 30 minutes. I have too many hobbies: I write, I dance, I sew, I garden and I draw. I also work outside the home and do the lion's share of looking after my house and kids. If I take time to do a map, something else gets dropped. :p One day I'll forego my TFF fix and make it a priority, I promise. :p
    Thank you!
    It's not really a problem: think of Westeros; that's really just one big island going from north to south with a few smaller ones around it. It's only later that the other continent really appears.
    It really depends on the scale of your map: whether you're drawing a continent or the whole world.
    No, I haven't actually ever drawn one but it's there in my head - for all four fantasy settings I've dreamed up to Unfortunately I probably won't have time to draw one for quite awhile since I have a lot of other stuff to do first. :(
    Yours looks really great so far. Do you have a name for your fantasy setting?
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