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  • Just finished watching OSL ^_______^ think my teammates on GW were kinda' mad though since instead of paying attention to matches I pretty much tabbed out to watch it lol
    weeell I havent been extremely active myself the last couple of months...there are tons of new members that took over the forum!! lol almost....which isnt a bad thing since most of them are really cool...and there have been some more marriages I beleive...as far as i know the guild isnt as active as it was while you were around! I still remember that party you held a while ago! those were good times...but there is a rpg going on on spam i think ....maybe it is over...I dont really know...
    LOL! Yes I do, welcome back Kael...been far too long. Your Estates sort of disappeared while you were gone :( But good to see you're back. Hope everything has been well :D
    I thought so. The second Terminator film will always be the best though... well unless Cameron tops himself with the 5th one.
    Currently I only have one project going, which is Masque, a super hero story. Eventually I'll probably rehash the whole thing like I've done several times with a few others, but I guess we'll see
    I still update the project that became of that sometimes, but by and large it's over, for various reasons
    Well aside from the cost of it I don't really mind school, since that's typically where I meet people lol. Also, school being back in usually means I start writing more because I have more time away from everything since I hang out with friends less
    Been alright, work, chillin, same old stuff. i'm kind of glad school is coming back around so I'll be home more, so i can get back into shape. Got a plan or two for stuff to happen this year too so that'll be nice. Yourself?
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