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  • Awww.. that sucks! :(
    I haven't tried to download it yet. I was going to see if I could burn it to a CD and listen to it in the car. I think the offer's good for a few days yet... could you try from home on your own laptop later?
    Thanks! I've been enjoying all the pics on this forum. Never seen a forum where everyone is as beautiful as this one. Maybe your user name should be Darth Jnk1 Kenobi :D
    Thanks for the link! It was like being back in school again to watch that presentation. :) Cell biology never ceases to amaze me... it's so unbelievably complicated and precise. I'm interested to get on the forums for my other career now and see if I can find any of your research there. I kind of doubt it, but you never know.
    I hope getting back into research works out for you, even if it is only in a supervisory capacity. Good luck :)
    Wow... that's some pretty theoretical and exciting stuff with some major practical applications if you guys can ever figure it all out. The practical applications of that kind of research might filter down to my level in about 10 or 15 years (or maybe it has already and I never recognized it....lol). Do you miss doing research?
    Shouldnt be gone for so long :D who else is gonna try and stand against us in the men/women thread :D
    What does MAP stand for? "MAP Kinase" sounds like an enzyme or catalyst of some kind and I'm wondering what cellular processes it affects
    I probably shouldn't spam in the Short story contest thread.... What topics/speakers are you having for your 2013 conference?
    yeeeaaahhhh you're back!!! how are you??
    You're welcome! This showed up about it today on Twitter too: If you bought the LEGION hardcover, get a free ebook by emailing your hardcover receipt to ebooks at brandonsanderson dot com. Apparently the e-book version should go on sale monday... can't wait!
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