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  • I have to say it as pretty darn nice talking with you on Skype.And just so you know,I've heard that anon was telling people that he kicked me from the Skype group,that is complete bullshit,he is lying his ass off.I left on my own before he could kick me.
    Anyway pretty interesting to talk about the Baltic countries and culture and geopolitics and history of the area like Baltic countries,Scandinavia,Russia central europe etc
    have sent the login info to you on skype. you'll find a demo character for you to look at there
    Look man,I'm sorry I yelled at you,but I was very angry and very frustrated.Don't call me a fascist or communist.I don't think that your country was fascist,in fact I understand why so many Baltic Countries people joined the Waffen SS and that's because the Soviet Union wanted to take them back.But don't make me angry please,because if you start insults I will get angry and start replying like that.It's a pity because we started nicely when you came to the forum but then we start disagreeing on a lot of things so just never mind.
    It took me awhile to get into Way of King's 'cause the world was so darn weird... spren and rockbuds and large, scary crustaceans and all that! Still, by the middle I was hooked and I thought it was AMAZING!!!! Can't wait for book 2! Kaladin's turning out to be the most awesome character ever.
    If you like I can still send you links to cool Sanderson stuff... or did you want to just check your FB more often?
    BTW... I can check your FB account from mine but I can only post comments generically....weird. I've pretty much decided I don't want a FB account for me personally so I can't really add you as a friend. If you have Skype I could add you there if you like though.
    You're welcome. :) I follow Sanderson's blog on Goodreads which is where I hear about all this stuff... will let you know if anything else crops up. Or, if you have a Goodreads account you can become of a fan of his and then get emails whenever he posts stuff to his blog if you like. BTW - Stormlight book 2 is supposedly about 8% finished now (I guess you probably already know that since you follow him on Twitter)... did you read Way of Kings?
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