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  • I left TFF for a long time.. I'm so sorry you guys for not being in touch for so long. I'm studying at University now and it keeps me so busy... hopefully get back to posting and answering messages as soon and as regularly as I can <3
    Hello, i hope you are fine. Im sorry im just terribly late whit a lot of work i have here and havent been able to color your characters, so, im writing to you to let you know i havent forgotten about it and i will color as soon as i can. =D
    thanks! :D

    i have entire worlds that i write about on random scraps of paper sometimes. maybe i'll type some stuff up and post it! :)
    thanks :)

    and i put up some stuff i drew over at the Art House section of TFF if you want to see some more :)

    anything you need, just ask ^-^
    Hi, Jolene. First of all, don't worry, I was on may trip last two weeks, so I was busy too.
    Second, let me introduce myself. My name is Sergey. May be, you saw this in my introduction topic, but I think it is neccesary, if we would start some kind of private talking.
    And the last - I'll be glad to help you. I prefer skype - it is more complex. My name there - lighting_elf.
    And so, if you let me this - I need to know what do you know of Russian language and what you don't know.
    You see, I can help you with studing russian language. But for this we need an opportunity to communicate on-line and later, may be, an opportunity to talk.
    yes, it's a wonderful thing to be able to find a community of people who like things similar to what you like. and such diverse people too! :D
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