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  • No, me and Padmé have pretty busy lives (except for our time here lol) so we don't use msn anymore. Maybe I should remove it from my profile.
    Well it is alive from a certain point of view. They speak about the Will of the Force which wants to keep everything in balance. How it works is a mystery, but yeah that based on God, cause doesn't he work in mysterious ways too? lol
    Well I think I already gave my opinion of that, no? It's just that the Force reacts on the actions of a Jedi or a Sith. And those actions can be felt. And the opinion of the Sith on the actions of the Jedi feel like a disturbance, but it's not a disturbance in the Force itself. It's just a disturbance to them. They just call it a disturbance in the Force, because they felt it in the Force. Oh look at me going on about it lol
    My views on the Force. Oh too many info to explain lol, but if you have a question, you can sure ask lol
    Hey I'm feeling fine again. It's been tough but we manage to get through lol. How are you doing yourself btw?
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