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  • Busier than I've been in a while, full time at work and starting my last semester of school, plus trying to stay on top of my sleight of hand game and everything else. It's getting pretty nuts, but I think I'll manage. How bout you?
    Rad, but it seems like your active time is around 4-5AM for me, I'll have to plan ahead to be able to do this.
    Ah sorry I'm just getting to this, I just finished up summer class finals and I'm moving back into the main university campus monday, I'll try and figure out character stuff monday and tuesday mostly, but I'll going skype jazz right now.
    Unfortunately in todays age that is the minimum people expect. Just about need a uni degree to clean shitters!! lol.
    "Oh blood and guts, and guts and blood, I sure like caves, and elven bums." - My first composition as a Duergar bard.
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