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  • yeah I know! No-one told me it was this weekend. bah humbug. Should have logged in to check so my fault really. Sounds like the mage is getting played so should you find someone more reliable thats cool with me lol.

    But yeah I am keen to play.
    sorry was having a few issues with my camera and had to restart. How do I get back into the group convo?
    That is true, but we'll have to see how it comes. I'm still young enough to make some pretty brash choices hah.
    I've been working in manufacturing for the last two years. I'd like to do a tour of duty as a floor supervisor or something in that and then start a small business of my own. I'm not in love with manual labor hah.
    Nice, I'd like to say that would have saved me some heartache, but most of the classes I actually liked were lower level stuff hah.
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