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  • Read the January 09 edition of Scientific American. It's not fantasy but it may dispell some fantasies !! and tell your friends.
    u an aussie?
    if so. watch abc news, the liberals just sed they will block it cause its too big and wont work
    Oops may be a wee bit late but HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Hope you have/had a wonderful time with your family! :D
    You're very welcome! Miss all our fun over at the ASoIaF guild! GRRM better get moving so we can have some juicy story lines to sink our teeth into! :D Hope you and your family are well! We are getting ready for our Thanksgiving and of course Christmas so I've been busy haven't been by as much as I'd like! But hope to be on more! Take care of youself!
    Hey imrhien! Nice to see/read! Sorry it's taken me so long to respond been a bit crazy around here lately. But I'm hoping to stop by more, which could be and understatement with the holidays coming around and all but I'm going to try! The baby is getting big she is 8 months old, I'll try to update my photo album with some pics. How are you and your family doing? I bet the kids are getting big! Take care! :D
    I'm doing pretty good, thanks. I just started Drivers Ed, so that's pretty cool.

    How have you been?
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