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  • :)... yeah, I wasn't thinking you believed in the supernatural aspects of Occultism, more the history and psychology of occult practices.

    I have my own guilty pleasure, love reading about true crime and sociopathy... it creeps me out, but I like being creeped out.:)
    you could certainly do that, but i think the money comes quicker, with fewer risks, running someone elses :p
    pretty much whatever you like lol.
    do you have a background? ie: warehouse, retail etc that you've been doing while studying?
    ha ha ha, well, with industry experience giving me credit i'm looking at 6 months for a diploma. by that time my immune system should be almost fully recovered and i'll be ready to interract with the public.
    yours is through a university though right? as in bachelor?
    i don't have years to waste lol. industry experience got me in without testing, so didn't have to do any of the prereq courses lol
    haven't been given the all clear yet, 2 weeks as of this coming friday till i finish chemo then i have recovery sessions. but i can start light stuff as soon as the chemo is done, like walking
    if you've seen Stargate Sg-1, Teal'c is the smallest i can get to. i have massive shoulders so any smaller and i look out of proportions lol
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