Herald Of Woe
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  • "Look, I don't want any toast, and he doesn't want any toast. In fact, no one around here wants any toast. Not now, not ever. No toast. "

    thank you for making my day :D
    *The wicked slash of the claws misses by far*

    Too slooowwww!!!

    *tree-branch whips out of palm and slashes monster's legs*
    That list is too long!

    *floorboards ripple around my feet*

    Mine power is at it's pinnacle when living or once-living matters surround me.
    *A voice behind the monster*

    Thy own tricks deceive thee creature. Thou hast seriously underestimated the powers of a Druid!
    *The wood below my feet starts to writhe, as if alive*

    Though hast seriously underestimated me monster if thou believest that thy threats make me afraid!
    *Looks in the direction of something*
    *Then another something*
    *Then the something that moved in the shadows*
    Please come out of there, or I will pull a face! And you don't want to seem me when I pull a face!
    *Shakes hand, but feeling won't let go*

    *Looks around*

    Oh well, nobody is watching me. *eyes in portrait move* Wait!
    Oh no, just my reflection.

    *goes over to bookcase*
    *brushes off the eyes and walks inside*

    Hello *to a clerk* I am looking for information on how to unlock a box with a cool sword in it.
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