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    The I hate thread

    I hate break ups!!!!! Can't think of anything else I hate more!
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    Assassin Books

    Assasin's apprentice - Robin Hobb... awesome series!
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    Best '80s cartoon intro

    I Went for transformers, but theres the likes of voltron, defender of the universe! used to love "chip and dale rescure rangers!!!" intro, it was awesome Denver the last dinosaur... Teenage mutant ninja turtles, the smurfs, alvin and the chipmunks.... Ahhhh to be young again..
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    Cersei Hate Club

    Blame Lysa, wasnt roberts fault, he just wanted his best mate there with him.....
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    Cersei Hate Club

    Robert was awesome untill she came into the picture..... she screwed him over!!
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    This or That - ASoIaF

    o0o0o Thats a tough one.... but i'm going to have to go with Jon, I'm still real bitter about GRRM killing Robb though!!! The Twins or Riverrun
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    Hot or Not - ASoIaF

    Not, Strong Belwas
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    Word Game

    Euron Greyjoy
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    Hot or Not - ASoIaF

    Hot Eddard Stark
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    ASoIaF Alphabet

    Illyrio Mopatis
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    ASoIaF Alphabet

    Grey worm
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    Hot or Not - ASoIaF

    Hot, in a cold sort of way Ashara Dayne
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    Word Game

    (The) Red Keep
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    General ASoIaF Talk...

    Congratulations!!!!! Shes looks wonderful! And ill have to copy joergensen's sentiments and say i can't wait to have kids and i'm glad I dont have to give birth to them! Congratulations again :D