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  • they do :p

    it`s only couse if we spam much in random chat - they gonna bring it back to spam. 0 post count.
    Well I'm glad you found your niche Cloud... wherever it takes you. :) From what you've said, it seems to me that you enjoy the music much more than you ever enjoyed the writing. You have to enjoy it or you'll never stick with it. I also think it suits you.
    hmmm interesting question! I can honestly say that I never doubted that I'd finish my first book. I lived and breathed that book for 3 whole months and every second of my spare time went toward it. I never intended to publish it (and I don't know if I ever will... probably not) so I didn't care what it turned out like. I wrote it for me... just let my imagination run wild. It took off and never looked back. When it was done I suffered a major case of "after book depression", so I ended up writing 2 more books on the same world...lol. I don't worry when I write a story. I'm too immersed in the world and what's going to think of anything else I guess. What sort of stuff did you worry about when you were writing yours?
    Yup! T'is the same with self-publishing books... the subsequent ones are much faster and easier to get out when you've done it at least once before. Oh I can't wait to hear it! I know there are a bunch of sites that you can upload it to for distribution and some of them can get it on itunes etc. Definitely let me know when it comes out! :)
    Oh that IS exciting! Let me know when it's out and where to get it OK? Are you singing in it too and did you write the songs for it? (Sorry for the twenty questions... if I'm too nosy just let me know)
    And trial and error is the best way I think... you learn more from the experience.
    I'm sure there are laws about heating prisons....XD
    It's great that you can work part-time and still do all the other stuff plus go to school. I do the same thing (minus the school part: I've been done with that a long time now). Woking part-time is awesome if you can swing it. Teaching guitar sounds like fun and co-producing an album sounds really exciting! Is it one you're playing in or are you producing it for someone else?
    hahahaha XD a few years in prison? I'm guessing he got that at least.
    So if you're unlucky in love and focus your attention on other things..... what things? (If you don't mind me asking) What do you do for a living or is it all about the music?
    Awww... have you been unlucky in love? I'm sorry for you 'cause that sucks :( I am not however sorry for those criminals... the dating sites are undoubtedly better off without them as members! :D If those brilliant criminal-types would bend thought and will and mind to doing something useful, the world would be a much better place for sure. :p Having said that... it DOES seem so unfair that they are so much smarter than me too...lol. Dammit!
    I have no idea what happened to the gas station guy but I ascribe to the philosophy that what goes around, comes around. :D
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