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  • Thank you for the rep. :) I gotta say that my husband and I were rolling on the floor laughing over that "Mom song"
    Well, I definitely thought so :) I'm reading the Caverns of Night now (read all the others) and it has young main characters! :D
    I'm loving everything I'm reading, but have noticed a few things that confused me (I'll PM you).
    Been reading your books and absolutely loving them! :)

    I have also noticed the recurring theme of characters feeling too old. Is there any correlation between that and you? :D
    I saw your post about your books and just had to jump over to amazon. I'll get the samples and (very probably as I have loved your pervious short writings) will buy them.
    Oh and the covers look great! I'm glad I could help you with them (I love the more cursive font, like on “Cards”, which has a great cover).
    I'm glad to hear you weren't stuck in transit or an elevator or anything! Bad luck about when you chose to go out though. I was at work in Mississauga. We lost power after that storm.... computers, phones, everything and it didn't come back on. It was almost time to leave and everyone had called and cancelled their appointments because of the weather anyway so I left for home. It was loads of fun driving without stoplights and treating each intersection as a 4-way stop. :p I was never so glad to get on the 403: no traffic lights there! :D
    Hey Greybeard! How did you fare in those storms that went through TO yesterday? I hope you weren't stuck on the TTC or anything. :/
    Seeing as you are the sort of unofficial historian at TFF I was interested in knowing your point of view on his ideas.
    No. We ordered from the California outlet, but they shipped from the New York outlet. The only problem was that the New York outlet didn't have any, so they had to get it from the California outlet first. Anyway, we expect the part tomorrow. I may have my computer back Sunday. Or maybe not.

    I've plugged my old keyboard into the laptop, so that's not driving me crazy anymore, and I'm slowly becoming acclimated to the touchpad.

    The real trouble is that I hadn't backed up the last week of work, which means I don't have the first chapter of the novel I'm working on now. I've been working on a little of this and a little of that until the computer is working again, but it isn't the same.
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